Waterford Springs Drive

A project completed for the city of High Point, NC



Waterford Springs Drive

Completion Date:

July 30th 2020


High Point, NC


City of High Point, NC


The City of High Point needed to extend Waterford Springs Drive into an area where a new subdivision was being built. This road extension required the city to construct a culvert which would handle a large flow of storm water and bridge the road into this new area.

Our Solution

Corrugated Aluminum pipe with flange joints and Aluminum Structural plate headwalls that were fully welded to the inlet and outlet ends of the 72” diameter pipe. The 72” diameter corrugated aluminum pipe with aluminum headwalls was installed and partially backfilled in one working day. This speed of installation helped the contractor reduce costly by-pass pumping of the stream during construction and open the road to the future development.

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