Aluminum Headwalls

A bridge replacement product.


Our headwall systems are custom built using high strength corrosion resistant 5052 alloy Aluminum Structural plate corrugated sheets and components. This system is most used with our aluminum pipe and structural plate. They are pre-built and fully welded to the aluminum pipe or structural plate structures at our fabrication facility and are designed to meet highway loadings.

Aluminum headwalls are a great alternative to traditional designs offering engineers and DOT’s unparalleled durability, design strength, and speed of construction reducing road closure time and site construction cost.

Paired with Aluminum Culverts

Our headwall system can be welded to Corrugated Aluminum pipe or arch pipes for culvert crossings. Internal aluminum baffle walls and sills can be provided at the headwalls or is side the pipe. All Aluminum structural plate shapes and sizes work with the headwall system even structures that are specifically designed for bottomless applications.

Attached to concrete structures

The aluminum headwall system can also be used with concrete pipe and box culverts in new construction. Pre-built wing walls can be easily attached using wedge anchors that bolt the wall panels into the concrete box culvert. Concrete pipes require a smooth aluminum circular sleeve that slides either inside or outside the pipe bolting into the pipe wall.

Concrete Culvert Extensions

Existing concrete box culverts and pipe culverts can be extended to add additional shoulder width in the road using the aluminum headwall system. They are pre-built to accommodate the existing concrete structure’s shape and are anchor bolted to secure it in place.