Corrugated Aluminum Pipe

A Pipe Product


Corrugated Aluminum pipe is an ideal material to use in fabrication since its chemical resistant properties are not affected when the pipe is cut or welded. In-line fittings such as elbows, and manhole risers are available, and it can be used in junction with our Aluminum Headwall system for culvert applications. Corrugated Aluminum pipe is available in round sizes from 8" to 120" in diameter with laying lengths up to 50' long and can also be supplied in arch pipe configurations with low, wide designs when grade constraints are a concern. Traditional connecting bands with flat gaskets are used to join sections of pipe together but aluminum pipe can also be supplied with flanged joints that offer a design that is retrained and watertight. This is ideal for wet pond applications and culvert crossing.


When defining the durability of a drainage pipe product, both corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance must be considered. Corrugated Aluminum pipe (CAP) is manufactured from a highly corrosion-resistant aluminum coil that starts with a rugged core alloy of 3004-H32 and is cladded on both sides with a 7072 aluminum alloy which is anodic to the core alloy protecting it physically and electrochemically against corrosion.