Hunt Road

Emergency Washout on Hunt road near High Rock Lake



Hunt Road

Completion Date:

December 3rd 2020


Davidson County, NC


NCDOT Division 9 Bridge Maintenance


Hunt Road is a dead-end road that had a culvert wash out during recent rains. The culvert washout prevented 50 residences from passing into and out of this residential community located on High Rock Lake. The road had to be reopened quickly but at the same time allow traffic to pass during the replacement of the culvert.

Our Solution

Corrugated Aluminum Arch pipe with Aluminum Headwalls were used. NCDOT installed one half of the culvert on one side of the road while a temporary bridge was placed on the other side of the road to allow for traffic to pass. During this first phase of construction the Inlet headwall with half of the culvert pipe were set into place and backfill using a gabion wire temporary wall to hold the backfill material in place. Once this was completed the traffic was switched over to this side of the road allowing NCDOT crews to dig out and replace the remaining section of culvert without closing off access over this washed out location.

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