Campbell University

This Project was completed at Campbell University, Highway 421



Campbell University

Completion Date:

July 23rd 2016


Harnett County, NC


Branch Highways for NCDOT


Campbell University had recently expanded and updated its stadium to accommodate a growing football program. This stadium and a major parking area for students were located across Highway 421 which forced students and athletes to cross this heavily traveled roadway. Unfortunately, a tragic event occurred forcing the University to seek options with NCDOT on how they could safely move students back and forth across this busy highway. After considering several possible solutions, NCDOT decided to build a tunnel. This tunnel would be designed for pedestrian and small vehicle traffic that could travel safely underneath Highway 421. The project required that the tunnel completely constructed and backfilled in the center section within 30 days before reopening Highway 421.

Our Solution

An Aluminum Structural Plate pipe arch shape for the tunnel with Aluminum Headwalls fully welded to the structure were both used to help with phase construction. These headwalls were positioned back toward the center of the road where the tunnel structure crossed underneath the highway. This quickly allowed for the structure to be backfilled in the center area between the headwalls and reopen Highway 421 for traffic. The ends of the ALSP pipe arch structure remained uncovered to allow for the construction of the modular concrete block walls. Pomona’s assembly crew was able to erect the structure with both headwalls in two working days helping Branch Highways meet the tight project deadline.

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