Jerusalem Road

Emergency Washout - Jerusalem Road



Jerusalem Road

Completion Date:

December 12th 2020


Davidson County, NC


NCDOT Division 9 Bridge Maintenance



A large culvert crossing on Jerusalem Road in Davidson County was washed out from the recent heavy rains in the area. This Secondary state route was closed by NCDOT due to severe damage to the highway at the existing culvert location. 

Our Solution

A corrugated Aluminum Structural Plate Box Culvert was chosen as the right structure to carry the necessary stream flow in heavy rain events. Because there was limited cover between the stream channel and the existing roadway a box culvert was designed and used to replace the existing culvert giving DOT the required flow area utilizing one clear opening.  Also, internal baffles were pre-built into the floor of the structure to help meet environmental concerns with the stream channel.  Construction and backfilling of the structure were completed in 1 week allow DOT to reopen the road quickly.

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