Brown Road

Emergency Washout - Brown Road



Brown Road

Completion Date:

November 12th 2020


Stokes County, NC


NCDOT Division 9 Bridge Maintenance


A major culvert that crosses underneath Brown Road was washout from recent high rain events in the area causing NCDOT to close the road. A public school which is located on this road made this closure even more critical and important to reopen especially since the temporary detour route was so long.

Our Solution

The original culvert consisted of two pipes which would often clog up from floating debris so a single span Aluminum Box culvert with headwalls was chosen to replace the existing pipes that had failed from the recent storm. Aluminum internal baffles were added to help give the culvert a designated location from the normal stream flow to pass creating a stream channel inside the culvert that matched the streams natural characteristics on either side of the structure.Fully welded Aluminum Structural plate Headwalls were supplied on both ends to protect the roadway from future washouts.

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