Angier Road

An Aluminum Box Culvert installed in Fuquay Varina, NC



Angier Road

Completion Date:

August 20th 2020


Fuquay Varina, NC


Cardinal Civil Contracting, LLC


Arlington Meadows Subdivision required a road widening to create a turn lane and sidewalks. Extending the existing Culvert created a cover issue for the culvert and a grade issue due to the transition in grades being below the top of the proposed pipe. The Culvert was located in the middle of a curve in the road. The existing road grade was 1 foot lower on the inside of the curve. Flattening the grade in the road was not a cost-effective option. It was also not a good solution for long term maintenance with NC Dot.

Our Solution

We worked with the EOR, Owner, Contractor, and NC Dot to find a solution. We looked at Dual Round Pipes and Single Arched Shaped Pipes. These options didn’t work with the dual pipes due to the overall width being wider than the existing stream and would cause stream erosion. The Arched Shaped Culvert wouldn’t work due to not having a large enough opening without being too tall for the proposed Fill Cover. We selected an Aluminum Box Culvert with Aluminum Headwalls. This option has a Minimum Cover requirement of 1.4’ and a Maximum Cover requirement of 4.0’. The 12’7” Span x 5’2” Rise Aluminum Box Culvert allowed the required flow, to obtain the required minimum and maximum fill cover without exceeding the width of the existing stream channel.

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