Filters Stormwater runoff


The StormFilter made by Contech is an underground stormwater treatment plant that typically uses a concrete vault or manhole system to house rechargeable media filled filters that capture particulates and absorb pollutants that are present in stormwater runoff such as total suspended solids, hydrocarbons, nutrients, and metals. There are several different media types that are available to meet water quality requirements. Proven and tested by many governmental regulatory agencies you can be assured that Stormfilter will provide the water quality needed for your next project. 

How The StormFilter® Treats Stormwater

  • During a storm, runoff passes through the filtration media and starts filling the cartridge center tube. The air inside the hood is purged through a one-way check valve as the water rises. 
  • When water reaches the top of the float, buoyant forces pull the float free and allow filtered water to exit the cartridge. A siphon is established within each cartridge that draws water uniformly across the full height of the media bed ensuring even distribution of pollutants and prolonged media longevity. 
  • After the storm, the water level in the structure starts falling. A hanging water column remains under the cartridge hood until the water level reaches the scrubbing regulators at the bottom of the hood. 
  • Air then rushes through the regulators, breaking the siphon and creating air bubbles that agitate the surface of the filter media, causing accumulated sediment to settle on the treatment bay floor. This unique surface-cleaning mechanism prevents surface blinding and further extends cartridge life.

How The StormFilter® Works

Video Permitted by Contech