Ultra Flo Pipe

A Pipe Product


Ultra Flo, a pipe with a smooth interior offers a Manning’s “n” = 0.012 equal to concrete pipe for an improved hydraulic capacity with less weight per foot, joints up to 40' (fewer joints i.e. less potential problems), and the ability to offer in-line fittings with manhole riser improving hydraulic flow while using smaller equipment to handle these fittings. 

Ultra Flo pipe can be manufacture using Aluminum Alloy(3004-H32) for superior corrosion resistance, or from steel using either a galvanized or Aluminized Type 2 coating. Aluminum Ultra Flo can be supplied in diameters ranging from 18" to 72" and the steel Ultra Flo pipe can reach up to 120" in diameter. Both Aluminum and Steel Ultra Flo pipe can be made in arch shapes if needed.

Culvert Reline

Aluminum Ultra Flo pipe also can be used in culvert reline applications to restore existing and failing culverts when open-cut replacement is not an option. Internal Flange joints are used to connect sections of pipe together and special pipe diameters can be made to maximized flow while fitting an out of the round or misaligned culvert.