Recharge Systems

Captures Stormwater Runoff and Percolates back into the Earth.


Underground filtration systems are designed to capture stormwater runoff underground but differ from detention systems in that they allow the water to percolate through the pipe wall and recharge back into the ground naturally. Our 360-degree perforated corrugated aluminum pipe offers 3/8” diameter holes to allow for maximum exfiltration area. In-line fittings and manhole access risers are also available to complete the system.

Easy to Install / Easy to Maintain

  • Long pipe lengths & Fewer joints
  • Eliminate heavy & bulky concrete structures
  • Quick Assembly which shortens site development time
  • Vertical manhole risers with ladders make easy access to the system for scheduled cleaning
  • A Pomona Field Representative will be on-site to guide you through the install