Detention Systems

An underground pipe network for rain water detention.


Underground Detention systems are designed to capture, and temporarily store stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces filtrating sediment and pollutants before the water is slowly released back into our watersheds. This system is typically buried underneath parking lots or green areas reducing impacts to your site's footprint. StormFilter filtration units are now being used along with these systems to greatly improve the post water quality.  

Our systems are fabricated from Corrugated Aluminum or Aluminized Type 2 steel pipe material and are offered in round or pipe arch shapes to accommodate your site's conditions. An array of In-line elbows, tee’s, and manhole access risers can also be incorporated into your design. Our Corrugated Aluminum detention systems can be supplied with flange joints offering a watertight system that can hold water if desired. 

Easy to Install / Easy to Maintain

  • Long Pipe Lengths fewer joints
  • Eliminate heavy & bulky concrete structures
  • Integrated outlet control structure that eliminates outlet structure
  • Quick assembly shortens site development time
  • Vertical manhole risers with ladders make easy access to the system for scheduled cleaning
  • A Pomona Field Representative will be on-site to guide you through the install