Slip Lining

Sliplining is used to repair leaks or restore structural stability for an existing pipeline.

Aluminum Tunnel Liner Plate

Made from high strength and corrosion resistant 5052 alloy aluminum tunnel liner plate is a great option when faced with limited working space. These two flanged liner plates are supplied in 18” wide sections that bolt together to form a ring and can be furnished in full round shapes 48” to 180” in diameter, pipe arch, single radius arch, and horizontal/vertical ellipse shapes. 2” diameter threaded grout ports can be welded into the plates to help with the grouting process.

Aluminum Ultra Flo Pipe

Made from a3004 aluminum alloy this pipe can be made in diameter ranging from 18” to 72”. It can also be produced in special dimeters to maximize flow area in a culvert application. With its smooth inside surfaced and a Manning’s n coefficient of 0.012, this segmental liner pipe material can improve hydraulic flow in the existing pipe. Internal flanged joints are used to join the sections of pipe together and 2” diameter grout ports can be supplied for grouting.

Centrifugal Cast Fiberglass Pipe

Fiberglass pipe can be used for storm and sanitary sewer applications. This composite liner pipe made from chopped fiberglass, sand, and polyester resin can be supplied in 18” to 120” diameter sizes. Its inside diameter is larger than the nominal diameter and has a very smooth inside surface with a Manning’s n coefficient of 0.009 improving hydraulic flow. Flush reline joints with compressive rubber gaskets are supplied with optional grout ports in slip lining applications.

HDPE Liner Pipe

Solid wall HDPE liner pipe is offered in outside diameters ranging from 10.75” to 63” and it has a very smooth inside surface giving it a Manning’s roughness coefficient of 0.009. improving hydraulic flow.

PVC A2 Liner

A2 liner pipe is offered in diameters ranging from 12” to 36” diameter and offers a Manning’s roughness coefficient of 0.009 increasing flow capacity. Stab joints that utilize a rubber gasket ensure a positive connection. 

Slip Lining Application

Slip Line Project for NCDOT in Chapel Hill, NC